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Premium Puer Cake Tea
Premium Puer Cake Tea
From the Chinese Dark Tea Family
Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Ingredients: 100% whole leaf tea

Puer tea is a rarely found tea in the States. It is the only truly fermented tea (the other teas are oxidized). Similarly to wine, raw Puer leaf tea is stored at least for two years in special cellars to accumulate its earthy tones. The puer storage process creates the mellow flavor and darker color unique to puer teas. Puer leaf tea can be infused many times, though the infusion time should increase with each infusion. It can be infused for less than one minute with the first couple infusions and still provide great flavor, along with higher levels of caffeine. Later infusions, while being weak on caffeine can still be strong on flavor, as long as increased infusion times are used. The leaf tea is a maybe a little less known than the caked variety, but it is perfect for someone who likes drinking tea by the cup, as the cake variety is often brewed a pot at a time. In China old Puers (30+ years) are collectibles and have investment value. While this does not have this collectible value, we are sure you will find that it has a very good taste and is an exceptional value for the price if you a puer leaf drinker.

Small (0.6 oz.) - $2.95
Medium (1.8 oz.) - $6.45
Large (9.0 oz.) - $25.25

One difference with Puer Tea compared to other teas is that keeping it for a longer period of time can be desirable, whereas with most teas consumption in a timely fashion is best for freshness and flavor. With storage, puer amasses its mellow earthen flavor and dark consistency. Puer tea is fermented in the aging process. To produce a quality product the process is monitored and humidity and conditions are strictly controlled. Scientific studies have also shown that drinking Puer tea can help reduce cholesterol.