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Orient Organics, LLC's purpose is to find authentic and fresh teas and to educate our clients about tea culture. We hope our efforts will help build the same appreciation for quality teas as for vintage wine. We also hope that our pursuit will bring good fortunes to sustainable tea farmers and not huge tea exporting enterprises. We seek to better both the environment and the small businessman.

The beginning was coincidental. Katerina Korish, the founder, while living and experiencing the tea culture for three years in China, realized that it was already a lifestyle. Each time she came back, she brought teas as gifts for family and friends. Renee Miller, a partner now, was always asking for more tea, as she couldn't find anything even close to comparable locally. One meaningful conversation at the beginning of 2008 turned the idea into a business.

Katerina went back to China in May 2008 searching for local sources of quality tea, and she found more great teas, friendships, and an even better understanding of tea in China.

Orient Organics is passionate about wonderful changes in the organic food industry, and while quality organic teas can sometimes be hard to find, we have spent over a year and half in the fledgling stages of our company finding these teas. We started out with more non-organic (but very premium) teas from small sustainable farms and we are pleased to now be able to bring you more organic than non-organic varieties of teas. We do not have the number of teas that many other sites provide, and this is quite simply because in order for a tea to make it to our site it has to be of premium quality and be able to be offered at a reasonable price. While we may add a tea from time to time, you will never find a large number of teas on our site, as our focus will always remain on quality over quantity.
   Katerina Korish